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What forms do I need to complete when I leave the UK?
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Yourtax.org.uk is a website designed to help individuals get their tax affairs in order.

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Expat Tax

So many people leave the UK without getting their UK tax position right.

This can lead to costly penalties, missed refunds and also losing entitlement to some of your state benefits further down the line.

Read our guides and get it right so you reclaim everything you are owed and don’t end up owing HMRC money instead!

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Leaving the UK

Are you leaving the UK to work or live abroad?

Do you know what HMRC forms you need to fill out?

If not, Click Here and answer these four simple questions to start the process of filling out the correct HRMC forms.


Do you want to learn more about why you maybe due a Tax Refund, what National Insurance Contributions you can pay abroad and lots more useful, easy to understand tax information?

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Tax Refund Calculator

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Other News
  • We found the service to be extremely useful and easy to navigate around. My husband and I used Yourtax.org.uk to claim our refund and sort our NI contributions out.

    Jane – Perth, Australia

  • I used the service to ensure I sorted my tax position out before I left the UK. I can’t believe the service is free!! My accountant wanted to charge me £500 to do something I could of done on my own.

    David – Dubai, UAE

  • We were going to use a tax refund company who were going to take 25% of our refund. I was able to use the Yourtax site to help me do a DIY claim and save us £620 in fees.

    Ahmed – Hong Kong

  • I moved to the US 2 years ago and hadn’t known what forms to fill in. I recently used this amazing website to get my old UK tax situation sorted. It was worrying me for quite a while. But all sorted now.

    Tina – New York, USA